MA provides transportation to and from local schools, as well as provide an all day option for school days out, either planned or in the case of snow and emergency cancellations. During the school year, we will invite the children to have snack upon their return to us in the afternoon, then get to work on homework and nightly reading requirements. Sometimes we read chapter books as a group, other times we release the kids in small groups to enjoy an activity of their choosing. 

During the school year, this classroom is lovingly referred to as "Organized Chaos"


The School Age room enjoys separate curriculum during the Summer that is individually planned by the Summer teachers according to what is going on in that classroom taking into account the numbers and ages and interests of the class. Kids go on field trips nearly every day, and all the schools take the opportunity to meet up as often as possible for softball, soccer, and basketball games at area parks. Please note, there are strict behavior requirements for field trips because we are away from the building and our staff is limited while away.