Toddlers! Who doesn't love this age group?! 

Social development and emotional stability is where we are living in the toddler classes. So many big emotions, 

it is our responsibility to make sure

they have the vocabulary to express

what they feel. We learn respect for others and their personal space, we learn to wash hands and potty, we learn empathy and start to recognize stress in others. Our toddlers have a daily routine where they are given the chance to share and work together, and try to take turns or help each other. We do activities that work on memory and patterns, recognizing numbers and counting. Everything in the classroom is labeled to allow children to recognize symbols represent words that things in real life. There is always music playing and fun while learning.  

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Science and sensory play, collaborative play, literacy and movement are all incorporated in the daily schedule for toddlers. We are able to share these pictures and moments with you in real time through the app we use via your email.