Pre-Schoolers are fairly competent and and confident in their sense of self and independence. In math, their number sense and counting ability is exploding and they are making headway weekly. Daily exercises in number and letter recognition, sounding out letter sounds, singing and active play instead of dittos reinforces these concepts. They are taking turns with puzzles and board games, creating graphs, and are able to categorize their toys in assigned places on shelves also allowing for collaboration and a division of labor. Early ideas of government emerge as children are assigned as helpers with jobs in the room daily or weekly, rules or laws and civic participation skills are noted is almost every transition. In science study, they are noticing the world around them and learning basic concepts like cause and effect. 


Pre-School is the classroom where the whole day is accounted for, and we attempt to keep a more structured day. Each of our classes have slightly different schedules and these are fluid to allow for the needs of the children assigned to this particular age group. This classroom also starts gardening during the Spring and Summer seasons, a collaborative student effort with Pre-K and STEAM/ School Age children.