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Pre-K is the age, depending on your child's birthday, that we really begin preparing children for their year in Kindergarten. All of the activities we have practice in years prior is tested this year. 

Is your child able to keep their hands, feet, and other objects to self?

Does he/ she cooperate with adults?

Demonstrate self help skills?

Use classroom toys and tools efficiently and in the correct manner?

Express Self awareness in a variety of ways?


This year, we work on reading and writing first and last names, recognizing our friends names, we continue number recognition and counting to at least 30, we introduce sight words such as an, or, can, to, from, by, the. Children in this class work on fine motor skills, shapes and colors, and beginning sounds of words. They will memorize their address, mom and dads names, and telephone numbers. 

This school year, Pre-K will host some visitors such as our local Fire and EMS. We have an annual Pre-K graduation held in late May, Donuts with Dad, and Muffins with Mom as well as Grandparents breakfast are great ways to get the whole family involved. 


And we will never turn down a guest reader for afternoon group time.