The focus in Infant rooms is safety and health. We want to make sure they are dry and fed, but also provide a language rich environment with lots of facial expression.

Our infants are aged 6 weeks to 18 months. They are separated to infant classrooms not only by chronological age, but also by their individual ability and comfort level. Change is hard for most of us, so of course making transitions for our tiny humans can be very difficult. So, when transition time comes, it will be a conversation between the two of us, and we can go at a pace that is efficient and comfortable for the baby and the classroom

No matter the time of day, you should see and hear all kinds of sounds. There is always music playing through blue-tooth speaker using teacher provided tech, some reading, some sign language, and of course playing and singing. 




Top Left - Cousins Cam and Canaan

Right - Canaan

Bottom Left to Right - Simone, Karlie, Kennedy